The Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in the Central Region
DL Situation
Desert Locust Bulletin, No. 529, October 2022
The Desert Locust situation continued to remain calm during October. Rain had finished and summer breeding was nearly none. Low numbers of solitarious adults and a few hoppers were seen in parts of Mauritania, Niger, Chad, Sudan, and Yemen. In northwest Mauritania, few groups of copulating adults and transiens hoppers occurred and 213 ha were treated. In Sudan, one group of adults were seen on the west of the Red Sea Hills. In pre-winter areas, light rain fell at time on the Red Sea coast of Yemen and started to rain in the parts of the coast of Sudan, Eritrea, and Saudi Arabia. No rain or locusts were in Southeast Asia. During the forecast, locust numbers will appear and increase slightly in the Red Sea coast of Sudan, Eritrea, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and maybe southeast Egypt and the coast of northwestern Somalia. Small-scale breeding is locally to start but should remain low in the winter area and no significant developments are likely. In northwest Mauritania, breeding will occur and a few more groups can form.

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DLIS - 07, Nov 2022