The Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in the Central Region
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Use of Biopesticides for Locust Control

Use of Biopesticides for Locust Control
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From  16 May 2022  To  20 May 2022
Regional - Training Courses
Cooperating OrganizationsCLCPRO/CRC

Within the framework of cooperation between the Desert Locust Control Commissions in the Central (CRC) and Western (CLCPRO) regions, and within the activities of the AFD’s project of Development of Desert Locust Management, 
An Interregional Training course will be organized on “The use of Biopesticide for Locust Control “in Agadir, Morocco, from 16-20 May, 2022.
The training aims to share experience, lessons learned on the use of biopesticides, and the registration process; as well as train the participants on the handling and field application of the biopesticides